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Needless Review

1) What's the history of Needless?
Well Needless really has no major history, besides it being a manga that is currently going on in Japan and that there was an anime that followed the manga up until the near the end of the anime. Really nothing much to add here, besides an anime similar to Needless is Bobobo-bo-bo-Bobo.
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Yeah I know I've been really lazy to write reviews and stuff. I just don't feel the zing no more to write them. Also it seems Live Journal is starting to become infested with bots that just send random messages. Makes me wonder if it is even worth it any more. It's like I lost the spark that I had. I don't know why, I really wish I knew. I know Work isn't an excuse, nor is my gaming life. I can't pin point it no more.

I'm Alive

I'm Alive, still busy with many video games such as Tears to Tiara (Japanese Import) and Tales of Radiant Mythology 3 (I deleted 2 at the half way point, so I have that all over again). Among other games. I've still been watching anime.

I've watched Bamboo Blade, World of Narue, Blue Drop (Dubbed), Moon Phase, Princess Resurrection, Polyphonica, Najica Blitz Tactics, Sekirie and I'm currently watching Chrome Shelled Regios and Blassreiter. This year already. I'll try to review some of them this month. I just have bad time management skills, with balancing three things, work, gaming and anime.

I was also on vacation in Disney in Orlando. Boy oh boy did I get spoiled by the temps down there. But the first day sucked badly. I was up for 22 hours (23 if you count clock hours). Basically here's what happened. I woke up at 3 AM to make my 6 AM flight with my entire family, mom, dad, brother, sister in law and their two kids. We met them at their house, traded cars and drove about about hour to the 2nd closest airport  (cheaper). We get at the airport at the time it opens, the ticket system is down nation wide so they had to HAND write the tickets out. We get through that after about half an hour, we go through check point, wait like almost another hour (about an 50 minutes before our flight). They tell us the flight is delayed for almost 2 hours, and you'll miss your connecting flight. The guy who announced it, couldn't help us (who barely spoke English clearly). So after my sister in law argued, he sent everyone in to the front (after he said he would help people). So we where like last in line now, since it was a party of 7, they had a hard time finding us a flight. So they sent us to O'Hare airport, but they taxied us down their, but we had to wait like 4 hours before leaving. After wasting money in the useless arcade room that really had nothing. After about two hours (and not so great nacho's for breakfast) they decided to send us to early. So we had about a 2 1/2 hour drive to Chicago (paid by the airline).

We get there, after a pit stop and such. And we seen people who where bumped up to the closest airline to us. After we re-go through all the security crap on a different airline. (Ironically they where going to the same place as us, I will say more on that later). So we get their about 1 AM and our flight isn't until 9 PM. So we wait and wait and wait in the airport. My PSP battery was dying so I switched it out, but I found a plug in for it. But that was a waste of time because it was about as useful as a person in a red shirt on Star Trek in a survival contest. But wait it GETS worse, the plane leaving for an international flight, took over 2 hours to leave the terminal, because of the sleeting outside, thus delaying our plane. They got it de-iced in about 30 minutes, but it just sat their for another 30 before finally moving one inch. Thus delaying our flight by like 45 minutes. Our plane gets in there, de-boards and gets cleaned.

We finally GET to get on the plane and we had to wait for the de-icer to come, almost every flight I seen come in and out got it as soon as the hatch was closed, but we had to wait 15 minutes before they got to our plane. They finally get their and we had to wait 20 minutes for them to finish. Then we get on the runway, and I get a blood nose with no tissues, so I used my paper bag my mom had. I took the paper off and it got all over my white shirt. My sister in law gave me some tissues, which helped out a lot. Oh yeah I forgot about the seating, I wanted the window seating, but my mom nagged and nagged to get her way, which made me mad because we switched mid-flight. So once we get to the runway, we had to wait for 15 planes to take off. Due to it getting foggy out, they had ONE run way for take off and landing. We finally get to Orlando about 12:00 at night. Get all the bags and stuff, get the rental car. Tried to get the GPS to work and it didn't want to find the satellites. So once it did, we had to double pay a toll booth because the person got us lost. Then we get into Disney and theirs a FREAKING detour at like 12 AM at night. Partly because there was a marathon that morning. The GPS didn't know how to get around the detour so we made a full circle. Asking for help twice, we finally get to our destination about 1:00 AM. We get their and they screwed up our rooms, they had us in lala land area. We finally get to our rooms about 1:30 AM, almost 12 hours later then when we suppose to. Then me and my mom and dad talked for about 1/2 an hour before we finally went to sleep. That was day 1, and one of my worst airline flights ever. Speaking of those people, I saw them in the lobby of the hotel we where at.

Basically never fly Frontier, they are a crappy airline. On our way back, they tripped booked a seat, but it worked out in the end. They lost my carrier bag tag.

I made two jokes that came true for this trip. One we should have just drove to where our transfer flight on the way down was suppose to be. Thus we would have made it on time. The other one sort of came true, but more so was a lie. I joked with my friend in Florida that I wouldn't watch the Saturday night anime with him on Adult Swim. One that was true because they didn't have cartoon network. Secondly it was lie, because I thought I'd be in bed by 11 PM EST. I didn't get to the hotel until the FMAB was over.

So in short, I'm sorry for the lack reviews and a rant entry. But I just had to tell about the day that nothing went right. I'll try to get more reviews up when I get the chance, but with work and anime taking up a lot of free time, I don't know if I can.


I'll try to get the reviews up for Bamboo Blade and Princess Resurrection this week up. Since I'm only going to review my main anime from now on. I've been busy with Japanese RPG's that pretty much take whatever free time I have now. On top of my anime and work.

Tears to Tiara Review

1) What's the history of Tears to Tiara?
Tears started off as a tactical RPG hentai game for the PC made by Leaf, this was followed up by slight remake for the PS3. This was followed up by an anime, that some how came to the US two months after it finished in Japan by Sentai as a sub only. They came back and redubbed Tears and making a complete collection. This was followed up by a manga and another video game for the PS3. You may recognize a lot of similarities between Utawarerumono anime.
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2010 Anime Year in Review

Like last year, I went through and did my anime year in review. Unlike last year I went through and got the opening part, I gave up after so many lawsuits have totally ruined You Tube into the piece of crap it is today.

Here is my list of anime I've watched this year. If you want further information please Anime News Network or a review I've done for the series. They are ranked in order of how I liked them for 2009. I will put (D) for download, (DVD) for DVD, (TV) for TV, (S) for subbed anime, (Dub) for dubs, (St) for streaming, (C) for completed, (NC) for not completed and finally (O) for other. They are ranked from my best to worst in my view. 

1) Clannad (Dub) (DVD) (F)
2) My Hime (Dub) (DVD) (F)
3) Eden of the East (Dub) (DVD) (F)
4) Bleach (Dub) (TV) (D) (O)
5) My Otome Zwei (Dub) (DVD) (F)
6) Tears to Tiara (DVD) (Dub) (F)
7) Sola (DVD) (Sub) (F)
8) Speed Grapher (DVD) (D) (F)
9) My Otome (Dub) (DVD) (F)
10) Strike Witches (DVD) (Dub) (F)
11) Full Metal Panic Fumoffu (DVD) (Dub) (F)
12) Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works (D) (S) (F)
13) Full Metal Panic Second Raid (DVD) (Dub) (F)
14) Toradora (DVD) (S) (NC)
15) Rozen Maiden (DVD) (Dub) (F)
16) Samurai Harem (DVD) (S) (F)
17) Negima Season 2 (DVD) (Dub) (F)
18) Spice and Wolf (DVD) (Dub) (F)
19) Hell Girl Two Mirrors (DVD) (S) (F)
20) Karin (DVD) (D) (F)
21) Ouran High School Host Club (DVD) (Dub) (F)
22) Vampire Knight (DVD) (Dub) (F)
23) Rozen Maiden Season 2 (DVD) (Dub) (F)
24) Full Metal Panic Second Raid OVA (DVD) (Dub) (F)
25) Monster (TV) (Dub) (F)
26) School Rumbel Season 2 (DVD) (Dub) (F)
27) Fruits Basket (DVD) (Dub) (F)
28) Air (DVD) (Dub) (F)
29) Hell Girl Three Vessel (DVD) (S) (F)
30) Kaze no Stigma (DVD) (Dub) (F)
31) Maria Holic (DVD) (S) (F)
32) School Rumbel Season 2 (DVD) (Dub) (F)
33) Hayate the Combat Butler (DVD) (S) (NC)
34) Bride of a Mermaid (DVD) (Dub) (NC)
35) Chobits (DVD) (Dub) (F)
36) Dragon Ball Z Kai (TV) (Dub) (NC)
37) Air In The Summer (DVD) (Dub) (F)
38) Full Metal Panic (DVD) (Dub) (F)
39) Familiar of Zero (DVD) (Dub) (F)
40) Gunslinger Girl Season 2 (DVD) (Dub) (F)
41) Kekkaishi (TV) (Dub) (NC)
42) Azumanga Daioh (DVD) (Dub) (F)
43) Brighter Then The Dawning Blue (DVD) (S) (F)
44) Living For The Day After Tomorrow (DVD) (S) (F)
45) Girls Bravo (DVD) (Dub) (F)
46) Yozakura Quartet (DVD) (S) (F)
47) Maburaho (DVD) (Dub) (F)
48) Ah My Buddha Season 1 (DVD) (Dub) (F)
49) Cannan (DVD) (Dub) (S)
50) Birdy Mighty Decode (DVD) (Dub) (F)
51) Persona Trinity Soul (DVD) (S) (NC)
52) When They Cry (DVD) (Dub) (F)
53) Birdy Mighty Decode Season 2 (DVD) (Dub) (F)
54) Green Green (DVD) (Dub) (F)
55) Daphne the Brilliant Blue (DVD) (Dub) (F)
56) To Love Ru (DVD) (Dub) (F)
57) Fate Stay Night (St) (Dub) (NC)
58) Ah My Buddha Season 1 (DVD) (Dub) (F)
59) Kurokami (DVD) (Dub) (NC)
60) Haruhi Season 1 (DVD) (Dub) (F)
61) Air the Movie (DVD) (Dub) (F)
62) Kanokon (DVD) (Dub) (NC)
63) xxxHolic (DVD) (Dub) (F)
64) Sakura Wars (DVD) (Dub) (F)
65) Happy Lesson OVA (DVD) (D) (F)
66) Figure 17 (St) (Dub) (NC)
68) Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (TV) (Dub) (NC)
68) Negima Summer OVA (DVD) (Dub) (F)
69) Shattered Angels (DVD) (Dub) (F)
70) Paranoia Agent (St) (Dub) (NC)
71) R.O.D. (St) (Dub) (NC)
72) Naruto Shippuden (TV) (Dub) (NC)
73) DearS (DVD) (Dub) (F)
74) Welcome to NHK (St) (NC)
75) Tayutama Kiss On My Deity (DVD) (S) (F)
76) True Tears (DVD) (S) (F)
77) Gunslinger Girl (DVD) (Dub) (F)
78) School Rumbel OVA (DVD) (Dub) (F)
79)  I''s Pure (DVD) (Dub) (F)
80) Happy Lesson (DVD) (Dub) (F)
81) He Is My Master (DVD) (S) (F)
82) Requiem From The Darkness (TV) (Dub) (NC)
83) Negima Spring OVA (DVD) (Dub) (F)
84) Master of Martial Hearts (DVD) (Dub) (F)
85) I''s (DVD (D) (F) 
86) Di Gi Charat Nyo (DVD) (Dub) (O)

My top 10 anime of this year.

As you can tell this year, unlike my last year which had a lot of romance themes, this year was really had no major theme in all of them. Clannad is still an awesome anime, on that gets your really emotional involved in the story. They even improved it by adding a dub; do I need to add more? My Hime at top anime of the year, only because that anime is underrated and it's plot line has so many twists that even a twist tie would be in knots. Eden is the same boat as My Hime, but loses out because I had some inside knowledge on it. Thus making it less surprising and not making in like HOLY COW I didn't know that was coming. As for Bleach, since Adult Swim really didn't show much this year, it came from the Japanese side. This year had the fights I've been waiting for and they mastered them quiet well. My Otome Zwei was really shocking, because they really kept it short and awesome and full of surprises.

Shocking my last anime of the year made it this far compared, Tears is truly an underrated anime. Yeah it's based off of an RPG, but it's still good. They have strong characters, a good plot line and lots historical legends. This would be an anime you would like to watch. Sola was good, because it dealt with immortally and being a monster. I like how they handled it and it's a nice story. Speed Grapher is an interesting anime; it keeps an interesting storyline with interesting powers. Also shows a good description of what's happening in the world. My Otome was good, but not as good as My Hime. The fights are better in Otome then Hime, but they didn't exactly live up to the original. It still had a very interesting storyline. As for Strike Witches that anime is cute, has interesting characters, lots of historic stuff and interesting storyline. The characters are what really make Strikes Witches an excellent anime.

11th through 20th.

Fumoffu is really funny and that's because of the student council president. Fumoffu may have no major plot, but it should make you laugh your butt off. Unlimited Blade Works is an ok adaption of the visual novel route, but an interesting anime movie. It has some awesome fights. Second Raid villain last line is purely awesome, I won't spoil it, but it's truly cool. Toradora is interesting anime I wish I would have finished it has an interesting love square. Rozen Maiden was an interesting anime that seemed too have a lot of potential if it ever finished. Samurai Harem I just enjoyed really nothing much too add much. Negima season 2 story is awesome and interesting. Spice and Wolf anime is just interesting too see a smart merchant and a wolf-woman who thinks highly of herself, made for a great couple. Two Mirrors had an interesting end that really makes you feel sorry for people. This season is probably the saddest of the three. As for Karin, really makes you think different of vampires and the ending is quite fun.

21st through 30th.

This animes will still awesome, but had one or two major flaws that didn't allow them too crack the top 20. Some of these flaws where like; story moving too slow, weak characters, annoying characters or was just too short too really get that high up. These are still great animes and you should check them out.

31st through 40th.

This anime were more or less average this anime. They lacked in key things, like normal release or were too much gaps in-between them. Or they really just didn't impress me, but they are still interesting. They lack in two or more major things that make a good anime, such as; plot, characters, pace of story or just making sense at all.

41st through 50th.

This animes were alright, but really lacked in a major department. Some of these anime are not recommend to anyone, expect those who have a taste for this kind of anime. If you're a fan of that genre you'll probably like these, if not I wouldn't waste my time on this. Mainly these anime here are the overlooked anime, because they really never got much attention in the first place. Some of them are still awesome thought and I had a hard time ranking any pretty much after 20.

51st through 60th.

Most of this anime I didn't finish, because they were streamed or I caught them on TV. So they are hard to rank based off of a few episodes. Some could have moved way up if; I've seen the whole series. The one's that I did finish, just had too much fan service or lacked in major plot or characters where just downright annoying. Some of them are good, but I wouldn't recommend the one's I finished. Even to fans of that genre. These also did have many shocking moments that will make you say wow and have little to no re-watch value.

61st through 70th.

This animes aren't total failures, but they are really missing major things in that would make them awesome. Some are missing a key storyline, awesome characters or that crowning moment that makes you say WOW. They are in a way predictable. This anime still please fans of the genre, but it's near the board line where they might hate it and regret it. This also suffers from not being complete too, so some of these lower titles could be higher if I finished them. Some of this anime where interesting, but because trying to rank close anime is hard to do, because putting them in a right spot as your brain battles out the where they should fit isn't a good thing. Due my top 20 was pretty much set, the next 40 were sort of hard.

71st through 85th.

This anime failed badly, some might have had an awesome ending, but because of the other episodes they failed to impress me. I wouldn't recommend many of these anime to people. Some are so bad, that you wish you'd have a time machine you could back in time and stop yourself from buying. Even fans of these genres might not like them. I'd say only buy them if you really bored, because they are good time killers. They have annoying characters, bad plot, too much fan service or just wasn't interesting in anyway possible.

I hoped you enjoyed my list.


Eden of the East Review

Ok here's my new review style. I'm trying to cut back on time on my reviews so they will be shorter and way different. It's going to be more like 10 questions, 10 answers.
Eden of the East ReviewCollapse )

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you got what you wanted.

I'm more busy with my games now with more games. I'll try to get at least one of the few I'm behind on. I might totally change my reviews so they might be up soon.

It will be very different.

I'm alive

Yeah I'm really behind in my reviews, The entire series of Full Metal Panic and Eden of the East, Canaan which I will finish soon. I just been busy with games and life. So I don't know when I will get them too it.

Hell Girl Three Vessels Review

Hell Girl Three Vessels original started off as an anime (previously reviewed), which was then followed up by a manga that lasted 9 volumes. This was followed up by another season of Hell Girl and TV drama that lasted 12 episodes. Hell Girl got a video game and finally came to an end after a third season of Hell Girl. Studio Deen was the animation force behind all three Hell Girl seasons. Hell Girl was given an age rating of 14+, given by Right Stuf and the DVD. I also agree with the age rating of 14+, I agree with this because it deals with Hell. Really nothing really different then the other seasons, besides this season follows more along the lines season 1 mixed with a little magical girl theme.
Hell Girl Three Vessels ReviewCollapse )


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