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As a note, I don't have any outside references making do this reviews. Nor do I get anything from them. Just thought I'd say that just in case people are thinking that I'm getting stuff that might influence the review.

Also, if your going to use my reviews. Please just link to my entry from my entry. Also don't take credit for the review. That is all.

This is a blog that reviews DVD's that I have watched recently. Its more of a safe spot for a dub lovers. I usually try to keep my reviews as neutral as possible.

The common dub review. Will cover the main characters between the dub and sub, and see who got the character better, without taking the fact of my favourite voice actors. This is too tell you, what version you should watch.

The rest of my review, usually well not include much spoilers. I give a recommend age of watching, to what type of anime it is with some other basics.

I will also tell you if you should buy it right away or You Tube it, then you decide. I also try to add one reference or at least a joke to make it funnier.

I have been playing with my reviews for the time being, trying to figure out other stuff that is a deciding factor. I'm doing this without any one making me. My reviews are based off two things. One is if I'd recommend to you if I was in the store, without no knowledge of your taste & the other half does if I know your taste.

I do try my best to keep in neutral, because this way its not bashing, and I want to cover what the anime brings, from my point of view. I really don't put much of my personal views on it on most of the review. I hope you enjoy my reviews, and if you are looking into that anime it helps you make a decision.


Anime Scale

Level 1: You buy basically trying out anime because a friend recommend it. Or you watching it on TV. Also means your buying basically one genre or from one company.

Level 2: You start to buy more from one company. You start to go outside of one genre, and start to watch a little more complex anime. You've started to take liking to characters. Your thinking about anime cons as a possibility in the near future.

Level 3: Your buying more a lot of anime, like 3-5 a month. You starting buying anime related stuff, and start to find what you like and don't like in a genre or company. You've probably gone to at least 2 anime cons. You might think of doing cosplaying

Level 4: You buy probably own over 500 DVD's, going to anime convention yearly now, and have been to at least 10 anime conventions and 4 different one's. You probably are a cosplayer (or crossplayed) have lots of figures from many animes.

Level 5: Your so much of an Otaku, that you life for anime and breathe anime and dream of anime. You have many crossplay and cosplay costumes, own almost every DVD of in your region, and own like 50% of the anime figures out there. This is the highest level you can be at.